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You can read the first chapters of each of these works, just click on the link and select Chapter 1

Deirdre: Enchantment and the School

Written and ready for publication

Sorcha: Enchantment and the Curse

Written and ready for publication

Essie: Enchantment and the Aos Si

Written and ready for publication

Escape from Freedom

Written and ready for publication

Lilly: Enchantment and the Computer

Written and ready for publication

Valeska: Enchantment and the Vampire

Written and ready for publication

Khione: Enchantment and the Fox

Written and ready for publication

Hestia: Enchantment of the Hearth

(In consideration with OakTara)

Dana-ana: Enchantment of the Maiden

(In consideration with OakTara)

Aksinya: Enchantment and the Daemon

(In consideration with OakTara)


(In consideration with OakTara)

The Ghost Ship Chronicles

   Athelstan Cying (In consideration with OakTara)

Imperial Sigil by Tanna Borrell

   Twilight Lamb (In consideration with OakTara)

   Regia Anglorum (In consideration with OakTara)

   Shadowed Vale  (In consideration with OakTara)

   Ddraig Goch

                                                                                                               (work in progress)

 The Ancient Light Novels

          Aegypt (Published by OakTara)

          Sister of Light (Contracted to OakTara)

          Sister of Darkness (Contracted to OakTara)

          Shadow of Darkness (In consideration with OakTara)

          Shadow of Light (In consideration with OakTara)


          Children of Light and Darkness (In consideration with OakTara) 


          Warrior of Light (In consideration with OakTara) 


          Warrior of Darkness (In consideration with OakTara)  





Meet the Author

L. D. Alford is a novelist whose writing explores with originality those cultures and societies we think we already know.  His writing distinctively explores the connections between present events and history—he combines them with threads of reality that bring the past alive.  L. D. Alford is familiar with technology and cultures—he is widely traveled and earned a B.S. in Chemistry from Pacific Lutheran University, an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Boston University, a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Dayton, and is a graduate of Air War College and Air Command and Staff College.  L. D. Alford is an author who combines intimate scientific and cultural knowledge into fiction worlds that breathe reality...




  Novels by this Author
       The Second Mission (Available now)
       Centurion   (Available now published by OakTara)
      Ancient Light              (Available now published by OakTara)
                  Aegypt         Sister of Light   Sister of Darkness


 The Dragon and the Fox


 The Chronicles of the Dragon and the Fox (Available now published by OakTara)


              The End of Honor    The Fox’s Honor          A Season of Honor 







  L.D. Alford is the author of 41 technical papers published in international journals on flight test, military policy, flight safety, space, and cyberwar.  Technical Writing
  L.D. Alford has been a professional aviator for over 30 years.  Aviation Writing

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